Zeroxwalah Zine


Zeroxwallah zine is a visual errand, reminiscing the numerous visits
to the zeroxwallah’s (copy-shops) in Fort (Mumbai). Its distinct yellow-black
visual paraphernalia roped in with the indigenous fragments of the city of
Mumbai gives it the status of a distinctive culture in itself. Be it the smell,
the ink or the feel of the zeroxed paper, this exceedingly spontaneous,
fanzine bids to stimulate all the senses in a way that a physical encounter
of entering a ‘zerox ki dukaan’ (copy-shop in Mumbai)’ would. The method
of production of the zine bears a similitude to the content with the intention
of providing a hands-on feel.


Cover (inside + out) : black screenprint on yellow card.
Inside pages : yellow screenprint on photocopies.
14 pages (28sides) + Jumbo foldout + yellow screen-printed 'Rice-plate' bookmark.

Second edition of 140 copies.
Available online at Tadpole Store: zeroxwallah-zine-tadpole.html 

Also available at:
Filter, Kalaghoda.
Bombay Electric, Colaba.